What Can Cause A Landscape Light Transformer To Shut Off?


If the lights turn on initially and then shut off, the transformer is either overloaded or is shorting out. Check all connections and make sure that the positive and negative wires are connected to the proper terminals on the transformer. These are some of the most common problems that occur with lighting systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my low voltage transformer keep tripping?

Home » What causes the breaker to trip on a low-voltage landscape lighting transformer? Breaker tripping can be caused by a number of factors due to excessive amp draw. ... Primary causes of breaker tripping include poor wiring connections, improper wire sizing, too many lights on a run, and wrong transformer tap.

What causes a lamp to burn out on a transformer?

Depending on the size of the wire, distance from the transformer and voltage tap of the transformer that it is hooked up to, a single lamp burn outcan send too much voltage to the other lights on that circuit causing them to burn out prematurely.

Why are my lights dim when I use a transformer?

Dim lights are the result of an overloaded transformer. To solve this problem, buy a transformer with a higher capacity. Transformers have a limit on the number of light bulbs they can support. Buying additional transformers can also solve the problem especially if more lights are to be connected to a low voltage power source.

Why are the lights on my yard not working?

Jack heads out into the yard to look for shorts, check the transformer, and all the other points on his list that may be why their landscape lights aren’t working. After a few hours, he finds that the reason is the wire leading out of the transformer to the lights was damaged.

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