What Are Those Towels That Landscapers Wear Under Their Hats?

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MISSION HydroActive MAX Cooling Towels and Cooling Hat

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cooling towels work?

Cooling towels sold as PPE are no different than those used by runners, bikers, or hikers and serve the same purpose. Towels work through evaporative cooling. Just like sweating, it directs the heat away from the body. The towel is immersed in cold water and then pressed to leave it wet, but not dripping.

What are the best cooling towels?

Here are the best cooling towels on the market.

  • Best Overall: Mission Max Plus Original Cooling Towel. ...
  • Best Budget: Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini Cooling Towel. ...
  • Best for Running: Chill Pal 12-in-1 Multi-Style Cooling Neck Gaiter. ...
  • Best for Hiking: Ergodyne Chill-Its Cooling Towel. ...
  • Best Hoodie Towel: Mission Cooling Hoodie Towel.

How do you use Chill Its?

1:112:10Learn How to Activate Your Ergodyne Chill-Its® Cooling Gear - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipActivate by simply wetting the towel snap to accelerate the air flow and activation process coolingMoreActivate by simply wetting the towel snap to accelerate the air flow and activation process cooling relief should last up to two and a half hours to regulate the core body temperature.

What is the best cooling bandana?

  • Best for Workouts: Mission Enduracool Techknit Cooling Towel.
  • Best for Hot Flashes: Hot Headz Cool Downz Cooling Bandana and Neck Wrap.
  • Best Everyday Option: KoolGator Cooling Neck Wrap.
  • Best for Menopause: Alfamo Cooling Towel.
  • Best for Multiple Sclerosis: Polar Products Neck & Upper Spine Wrap with Kool Packs.

Which is the best baseball hat to wear?

The Best Baseball Hat: A Double-Layered Cap That Stays Cold For Up To 10 Hours Made with dual-strategy cooling technology, this sporty baseball cap combines an inner layer of HyperKewl fabric with an outer layer of water-repelling nylon.

What kind of headwear is best for the Sun?

On top of that, the fabric wicks sweat while simultaneously delivering UPF 50+ protection. This top-grade headwear is also made specifically for active sports and intense sun activities such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, or other adventures.

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