What Are The Two Basic Methods Of Protecting Exterior Joints?


What are the two basic methods of protecting exterior joints? Exterior joints provided on the walls are subjected to expansion and contraction. If any foreign body like rock enters the joint, the object may cause the materials on each side to spall or crack. Chapter 26, Problem 9RQ is solved.


In order to reduce the risk of explosion, elimination of one or more of the components of the ignition triangle is necessary. There are three basic methods of protection— explosion containment, segregation and prevention.

Trusses METHOD OF JOINTS, NO Reactions Needed, in 3 Minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best example of joint protection?

Instead of using fingers, use wrist; instead of using wrist, use elbow; instead of using elbow, use shoulder. For example: To lift a bag from a counter, bend knees, hug the bag with both arms. Bend elbows so that the bag is held tightly to chest and straighten knees.

What is the purpose of the method of joints?

Method of Joints. The method of joints is a procedure used to solve for the unspecified forces acting on members of a truss and to solve for all the unknown forces in a truss structure, the method of joints is usually the fastest and easiest way.

Why is the method of joints used in trusses?

◮ The method of joints is one of the simplest methods for determining the force acting on the individual members of a truss because it only involves two force equilibrium equations. ◮ Since only two equations are involved, only two unknowns can be solved for at a time.

How to take care of your joint protection?

1 Use a relaxed grip. 2 Enlarge handles. 3 Place palm of hand on jar lid, and using weight of body, turn arm at shoulder to open jar. 4 Hold the knife or mixing spoon like a dagger, with the handle parallel to knuckles. 5 Don't carry heavy handbags, pails, and bags by the handle. 6 ... (more items)

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