What Are The Best &Quot;Hidden&Quot; Bathrooms In Walt Disney World?

Liberty Square is set in colonial times, and Disney went all out with their theming to stick to this timeline! For example, this land is the only one in Magic Kingdom with no public restrooms. Since indoor plumbing didn’t exist in this land’s era, public restrooms wouldn’t have existed either.

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With so many people visiting Disney World theme parks every day, the restrooms are bound to be packed, but fortunately there are a few restrooms that seem almost immune to the huge crowds. Some of these restrooms are hidden in plain sight amongst the elaborate theming while others are simply tucked away down hallways or between buildings.

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Use the wall-mounted phone in the General Store and listen to a hot party line. If you turn on the first street right off of Main Street, you may hear some singing and dancing lessons near the small café area. Have a DIFFERENT kind of Orlando vacation with a Resort home next to Disney World.

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What you do not know is while we think we may see all that the Magic Kingdom has to offer, there are quiet a few Magic Kingdom secrets you should take note of on your next Walt Disney World vacation! The Magic Kingdom is divided into six lands: Main Street U.S.A. The lands are centered around the hub, which is Cinderella Castle.


There is a hidden bathroom right in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop to the left as you exit the attraction. Speaking of attractions, there is also a secret restroom between Space Mountain and Carousel of Progress. The final hidden restroom in Magic Kingdom is in a restaurant.


If you need to “let it go,” one of the best themed bathrooms in all of Disney World is the Frozen-themed ones in the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT. From the signs on the outside with women and men dressed in the Norwegian Cast Member costumes…

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Disney World doesn’t have specific gender-neutral restrooms, but they do have single-room companion restrooms that were designed for wheelchair users and their caregivers. These are not gendered and you can use those if your child is uncomfortable using gendered stalls.

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Liberty Square

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