What Are Cultural Landscapers Made Of?


Cultural landscapes are composed of a collection of character-defining features, which may include small-scale features like statuary and benches, as well as large patterns of fields, forests, and other features that demarcate the land.


The components of park cultural landscapes include human-modified ecosystems such as forests, prairies, rivers and shores, as well as constructed works, such as mounds, terraces, structures and gardens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cultural landscapes made of?

A cultural landscape is defined as "a geographic area,including both cultural and natural resources and the wildlife or domestic animals therein, associated with a historic event, activity, or person or exhibiting other cultural or aesthetic values." There are four general types of cultural landscapes, not mutually ...

What are the 4 types of cultural landscapes?

There are four general types of cultural landscapes, not mutually exclusive: historic sites, historic designed landscapes, historic vernacular landscapes, and ethnographic landscapes.

What is the difference between cultural and natural landscape?

According to its broad conception, cultural landscape is understood in contrast to natural landscape, as a landscape or area "bearing the imprint more or less of human activity," or as "any landscape which is visibly influenced by human interference" (Jones 1988: 154).

How is the cultural landscape fashioned from a natural landscape?

"The cultural landscape is fashioned from a natural landscape by a cultural group. Culture is the agent, the natural area is the medium, the cultural landscape is the result".

Who is the founder of cultural landscape studies?

Cultural landscape studies, as geographer Carl Sauer and the ‘Berkeley School’ developed them from the 1940s on, focused on the evolution of places and included the ‘combination of natural and man-made elements that comprises, at any given time, the essential character of a place’ (see Landscape Architecture ).

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