Unexpected combinations of Urban and Rural in Landscape design

So often we talk about what’s better: live in a big city or small village. Some people answer this question without hesitation in favor of one or another. But most of us prefer to combine fresh nature elements with those of high-tech of industrial world. And one of the best ways to do it is implement both styles’ items to exterior design of your living/working place.

Even though this type of site decoration usually used in big area like road sides, corporation gardens, stadium yard and other municipal places, designers and architects can apply these bold ideas in private property objects (home, office, studio and etc.) as well. Sure, they’ll be a little bit smaller in size and volume, but features stay same.

Let’s check what kind of projects with amazing synthesis are exists. Here are most impressive ones.

The Beauty and the Beast

Unbelievable, right? But implementable. Combine incompatible, unite life and death, flower and stone, motion and absolute static, multicolor and monochrome. Seems incredible. However, it’s not impossible. All you need is to be careful when working with plants. Let them be in majority, because otherwise they’ll not stay alive for a long time around ocean of stones.

As you can see on the picture below, there is no need to exclude one element from contra-side. If you will not leave proper amount of soil garden will turn to a straw. It’s enough to cover no plants parts of ground with thin layer of light gravel or stones.

One more tip: water not only the garden area but soil under gravel as well. It will prevent dryness of ground and stimulate plant growth even through small gaps between stones.

Wild West forever!

The next idea is much more revolutionary. You can build a small building among the thickets of dry grass. Nothing will prevent you from diving into the atmosphere of wild nature and admiring the sunrises and sunsets. This solution can be ideal for working from home. No burnout threats:  just look out the window when tired. Sure, it will be great if the window extends from the floor to ceiling and equal to size of the entire wall. Well, you get the idea. We need a glass wall.

What is important? Make sure that in selected area there are plumbing, electricity and other technical advances. Don’t build anything too far from civilization. Otherwise, you will forget about a harmony and start to think only about how to survive. Hey, it’s a joke.

Fragility and Strength

Do you remember those accelerated National Geographic videos, when in a few seconds you can follow how a small sprout breaks through the asphalt and grows into a huge tree with a deep root system? You can use this idea by planting trees with no special needs in soil covered with gray sand or pebbles or crushed stones. The brighter the foliage or flowers (or even the fruits), the sharper the contrast. And the sharper the contrast, the more epic the combination.

As in the first case, do not allow the soil to dry out and do not cover the ground with a too dense layer of pebbles (crushed stone, sand). Also, do not lay them around the trunk (or sprout) at a distance of about 20-30 cm in diameter. The younger the tree, the more free space is needed.

Now do you believe in miracles?

Not only in landscape design, but in many other areas as well, it is so important to remember that not extremes like “only this” or “only that”, but combination of pristine nature and ultra-modern technology is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. It takes a bit of patience to do everything according to the rules of synthesis. And then everything will be okay.

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