Specific interior styles: pros and cons

Rare interior styles are commonly used in national, business or public spaces. For interior design of an ordinary apartment (house), they are chosen by true fans of exclusiveness and originality. The use of each of the specific styles can say a lot about the owners and in itself is a great way to immerse you in the atmosphere of related world. Along with this, specific styles have both advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will consider the features of Arabic and nautical motives, as well as the loft style, as the most common options for themed interior styles.

Beach style

The marine style of the interior is always associated with vacations, relaxation, summer, sun and heat. Nevertheless, for some reason, blue colors and striped textiles are most often used as decorative elements. It’s more of a sailor style, because the sea is never lonely: green palm trees, yellow sand, orange sun – some of this is always there.

The advantage of the nautical style is its versatility. Decorating your home with nautical products, especially a home by the sea, is one of the standard ideas. However, as with any style, when there are too many themed colors or objects, it becomes annoying and has the opposite effect.

For example, like here:

In a house from which the sea can be seen so close, no decor is even needed, the blue itself is the best decoration.

But if there is no sea, you can use a color scheme and a moderate amount of marine items, as here:

If you get tired of the blue color, just change the bedding.

Arabic style

One of the hottest styles. Brightness of colors and an abundance of design elements make you dive into the world of secrets of 1001 nights. Arabic style is an excellent solution for those who are tired of Western standards, and while working there wants to remember for a while at least that there exists another world, such beautiful and mysterious.

One of the disadvantages of Arabic style is using of warm bright colors (red, burgundy, brick). They excite, revitalize, but do not allow you to relax in the sense we understand. You just shift your attention.

See for yourself:

This can be very cool if you have multiple bedrooms or living rooms. One of them can be arranged in this way for a romantic dinner or an oriental party. But if you have one, then it is better to stick to more moderate decisions. For example, like here:

The shapes and details are oriental, and the colors are softer.


If you had to choose the most specific interior style, the loft would most likely become the leader. For all its luxury, the dullness and severity of this refuge for melancholic introverts is not suitable for everyone. For business offices or government agencies, okay, for a photographer’s studio too, this can be a very good solution. But for a living space, not really.

It makes you sad, doesn’t it?

But the loft style also has interesting details that, when properly combined with other styles, will make your space beautiful.

The main solution is to add bright colors. Only this can save you from depression and boredom, caused by a harsh ascetic called a loft:

Quite another matter, right?

Mixing is the best solution

When using theme styles in living space, it’s best to use a combination of styles so that the effort isn’t wasted and you don’t have to sketch out a new decor soon after renovation.

Do not use wallpaper, doors, windows as a design items (they are difficult to change). Textiles, carpets, souvenirs and other little things that are easy to replace if you want to change everything are best suited for this.

Mood color can change, it’s important that it is always present in the palette of your home.

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