Should You Get Semi Gloss Exterior Paint?


A semi-gloss paint offers visible shine on home exteriors and is ideal for surfaces that require frequent cleaning. The glossier sheen makes semi-gloss paint more durable than satin, so it’s easier to clean. Semi-gloss paint can also endure harsh weather conditions and withstand excess moisture.


For large exterior surfaces, glossier paints are usually reserved for trim areas, such as windowsills and doors, as well as surfaces that may be washed frequently. Normally, semi-gloss paint is the best choice for trim work, since high-gloss paints are so shiny that they highlight imperfections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should exterior doors be gloss or semi-gloss?

Exterior paints are sold in flat/matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens, in order of the lowest to the highest luster. Semi-gloss is ideal for front doors, as it's more wear- and stain-resistant than flatter sheens.

What can you paint with semi gloss paint?

A semi-gloss finish is the best option for painting garage doors, exterior trim, gutters, shutters, metal lamp posts, railings, and window sills. If you have walls that are in great condition, consider semi-gloss for your kid’s room, your kitchen, and your bathrooms if you don’t mind the shine.

What kind of paint to use on exterior trim?

Exterior windows, siding is best served painted with satin Exterior doors, wood trim are best painted with satin finish also Interior doors, baseboards, moldings are painted with semi-gloss 95% of all exterior trim, satin paint finish is used, where as 95% of all interior trim, semi-gloss is applied.

How long does semi gloss exterior paint last?

One year of such severe testing is equivalent to about three years of normal weathering on a typical home. Most exterior paints held up well for the equivalent of at least three years, and the best still looked fine after what amounted to nine years under the elements. Here are our exterior semi-gloss paint picks.

What's the difference between semi gloss and satin trim?

Determining satin or semi-gloss for exterior trim, siding, soffits, gutters, fascia, also garage doors is much easier than you might have thought. Explaining the difference between the two, giving a background of these finishes, from a paint industry prescriptive.

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