Should Landscaping Be Trimmed Spring Or Fall?


After “how?", the second most-asked question we get about pruning is “when?” (Or, "Can I prune this now?") The rule of thumb is to prune immediately after bloom for flowering shrubs, in late winter or early spring for non-blooming shrubs (particularly for heavy pruning), and not after mid-August for any shrubs.


Cool season grasses should be cut back in very early spring. As soon as the snow clears, cut the grass back by 2/3, leaving 1/3 in place. Pruning too drastically can harm the plant. Warm season grasses begin growing in mid to late spring, or even early summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should bushes be trimmed in fall or spring?

Pruning Guidelines Prune flowering shrubs right after blooming. Prune non-blooming shrubs in late winter/early spring. Do not shear or heavily prune shrubs after July 31st.

When should spring bushes be trimmed?

In general, spring bloomers, such as magnolias and lilacs, should be pruned after they bloom. If you prune in spring, you'll most likely cut off the dormant buds, and there will be no flowers. For these early-flowering shrubs, just look for dead or damaged wood and remove it.

What time of year is best to trim bushes?

As a general rule, a light summer pruning can be performed on most deciduous trees and shrubs. Heavier pruning should be performed when the tree is dormant, preferably in late winter before active growth begins.

How do you trim a bush without killing it?

2:445:52How to Renewal Prune Shrubs (And NOT Kill Them) - YouTubeYouTube

Do you trim your plants in the fall?

Read on for a list of plants that you can prune in the fall, with a few caveats. These are the plants that you can usually trim and shear in the fall months. These autumn pruners may even encourage you to skip your post-Thanksgiving nap.

When to stop pruning Your Garden in the spring?

Instead, prune in the dead of winter or in early spring, he suggests. That's if you can't stop yourself. "Spring bloomers can get a haircut right after they finish flowering. But get over this pruning obsession — few plants other than fruit trees actually require it, and most gardeners do too much, not too little," McGrath contends.

When is the best time to trim evergreen bushes?

Pruning evergreen bushes is best done in late March or early April before new growth begins. Light pruning can also happen in late June or early July. Avoid pruning evergreen shrubs in the fall, since they are more susceptible to winter injury.

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