Should I Cut Landscaping Block Wet Or Dry?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wet concrete before cutting?

Wet concrete is very difficult to cut, and fully cured concrete can fracture as it's being cut. So if possible, cut the concrete when it's hard but only half cured. The cut will come out smoother with less dust.

Do you need water when cutting brick?

Make sure that water flows freely over the blade. Even if your blade is large enough to cut the entire brick in a single pass, it's better to cut in two or more shallow passes. This will extend the life of your blade and keep things from overheating.

Is it bad to cut your lawn when it's wet?

It’s not good for your grass and on the whole, it’s a massive headache. So mow the lawn when it’s dry. However, sometimes needs must and if you really must cut the lawn when it’s wet, here are a few tips; Mow in the Afternoon (if possible) – the afternoon is one of the best times of day to mow the lawn anyway.

What's the best way to cut wet grass?

Sharpen the mower blade – Cutting wet grass with a dull blade will almost guarantee in it being torn out of the ground instead of being cut cleanly. So only mow wet grass with a sharp blade. If it’s blunt, sharpen it. Mow slowly – The motor and blade will have to work much harder than normal to cut through wet grass.

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