Should Fiberglass Exterior Doors Be Painted?


Fiberglass doors and sidelights can be smooth or textured with a wood-grain finish. This material usually does not need to be primed, but painting is required. Premium steel doors are factory-primed and should be painted but not stained.


Fiberglass doors are often preferred for their mold and rust resistance. Unlike wood, they will not deteriorate or swell. They can also be less expensive than wood and metal doors. While fiberglass doors can be painted, there is a bit more effort involved to ensure the finish lasts.

How to Paint a Stained Fiberglass Door (Part 1)

How to Stain Fiberglass Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to paint a door before you paint it?

Before you do anything, check with the manufacturer of the door to make sure it’s paintable. If the door is paintable and was previously coated from the factory, your first step is to make sure it is clean, dry, dull and sound. I know you’re all experts here, however, with any surface prep I must remind you of this warning:

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