Should Exterior Shutters Overlap Window Frame?


Proper Shutter Size and Placement On a house with siding, a shutter shouldn’t even overlap the corner board. Shutter placement can also be difficult if windows are too close together – the space between shutters on adjacent windows should be at least half the width of one shutter.


Shutters should always be directly against the trim of a window – not floating nearby. Shutters should always be hung level with each other! Shutters shouldn’t have anything layered over the top of them. (Remember, you want them to have the appearance of being able to open and close over the window.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should shutters be the same length as the window?

Measure the height of your window. For the most authentic look, we recommend measuring only the height of the window opening not including any frame or trim around the window. It should look like the shutters could close inside the window opening.

How far should shutters be from window?

In most cases, the height of decorative shutter that is most appropriate is from the top to the bottom of the window trim. If there is a sill at the bottom of the window and you are installing vinyl shutters, it is important to leave a gap of at least 1/4 inch to allow the vinyl material to expand and contract.

How should shutters be placed?

The correct installation of a fixed louver shutter should have the shutter louvers facing down and towards the back when the shutter is open (when it is not covering the window).

Where are the overlapping shutters on a house?

Overlapping shutters on 18th century house. This 1870 Greek Revival has wide single shutters on the sides of the bay and two folding shutters in the center. This historic house in Provincetown MA has overlapping shutters. Notice that some overlap more than others.

How do you Mount shutters on a window?

Attach a large (double size) shutter, the size of the window on each end. Mount double shutters at each end. The shutters would appear single, but actually are two hinged shutters, folded over. The shutter will close from one side for each of the two windows. The visual effect of patterns will not be disturbed.

Do you need to close shutters over windows?

Even though shutters are no longer functional, you still want the shutters to look as much as possible as they would when they were functional. When shutters were functional, you would be able to close them over the window.

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