Roof as a place to rest

The main function of the roof is to protect the building from precipitation and moisture, wind, dust, etc. But these are several tens of meters, which are idle. Improvement of the roof allows you to turn a lifeless area into a full-fledged green recreation area, where you can grow various plants, install gazebos, benches and much more, which will allow you to meet with friends, organize interesting events.

If you want to use the roof not just as an additional living space, but to acquire a magical corner, you need to open your imagination.

Minimalist and at the same time luxurious stylistic solutions are best for zoning the roof space into seating areas, space for a huge sofa, where you can resting with a book or a loved one, watching the fire of the hearth located in the middle of a wide table, or sit at the bar and watch TV.

Green valley on the top

The green roof looks like a park or garden where you can take exercises, make meditation, play with children, have breakfast, and all this in the fresh air and a couple of minutes walk from the door of the apartment.

A very useful solution would be to create a green roof. Trees and flowers will not only help create the feeling of being in a forest or garden, but also present as a protector from the scorching sun and a supplier of additional oxygen. In order for let green roof to overwinter and happily meet the spring, it is enough to choose plants that are adapted to the local climate, as well as to choose unpretentious and resistant species. You can also add a wardrobe for outdoor textiles – towels, blankets, slippers as well as furniture.

Water pool

Water pools on the top of the house (or any building) help to save land area, which is especially important for owners of small summer cottages, also reducing the cost of using electricity (in summer, the water on the roof is quickly heated by the sun). It’s a unique opportunity to regularly take water procedures, while relaxing in the country, without interrupting trips to the city pool or to the beach. Rest is available not only for all family members, but also for guests and friends. Pandemic shows us greatness of such solutions.

Business office

Allocating a roof for meetings with colleagues and workshops is very practical for home workers. Walk, work, communication, education – all in one place and so close to your home! Isn’t great?

For people of creative professions, such a space can be an excellent source of inspiration, no matter which city is spread out under your feet. Birdsong, sunshine and the feeling of flying will have an amazing effect.

The only drawback of such solution is inclement weather. But if you live in a region with a stable and predictable climate, then no rain or wind is terrible for you.

What to pay attention to?

The roof railing is the most important element as it is responsible for safety. If you choose glass borders, you will be well protected from strong winds, while the whole panorama will remain open to your sight.

Particular attention should be paid to the lighting of the roof. Evenings are the best time when you can see its magnificence. You can use the color range of light bulbs in the palette as you wish and depending on the purpose of the rest upstairs. For a party, bright disco lights are suitable, and for a romantic dinner, you can limit yourself to warm dim lights.

Protect yourself from risky situations: do not play games where something can fly out of the border (ball, arrows). Make sure that the children present there are under your close scrutiny. Do not spare money for the installation of a high border, because it is what makes your time on the roof as comfortable as possible.

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