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Frequently Asked Questions

What is code for deck footing?

Footings need to be at least 12 inches below settled soil to prevent lateral movement. In addition, they need to be dug below the frost line, which varies according to climactic zone.

Do deck stairs need concrete pad?

They are not required to be on a large pad, but they must be sitting on something that reaches below the frost line, to prevent frost heave. If you do plan to pour a cement pad for your landing, then this will suffice, as long as the footing reaches the required depth.

What kind of footing do you need for deck stairs?

1 Concrete landing pad 2 A wood box-type landing pad 3 Crushed stone 4 Patio Blocks

How many footings do you need for a concrete pad?

At a minimum, you will need two footings, one beneath each outside stringer. More may be required if you have more than 5 stringers. Determine what type of landing you are going to have. A concrete pad does not require the footings to rise above grade like other landing types.

How big should a concrete landing be for stairs?

Generally speaking, the slab should be about the same width as the treads on the stairwell. However, if you want to create a more convenient and stable first step for your stairs, you might want to consider extending the concrete landing about 4 to 6 inches on either side of the stair handrails.

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