“Live” items of interior décor

Pets’ corner is a very important component for any place they live in. Animals themselves are a wonderful decoration for home and office, and great friends not only for the owners, but also guests, they create a cozy atmosphere and contribute to the warmest emotions. But what about making them feel comfortable as well? Often, their property is only a rug or blanket. This is unfair, because they deserve to have their own place in the house of the owners.

Let’s see what can be done for them and at the same time to decorate your interior.

Hidden houses

Ideal solution for small spaces. By separating the inner shelves from each other, you can combine the shelves for storing books or small items with a cat or dog house. By completely isolating these two spaces, you are hygienic and take care of your pet.

The size of the house depends on the size of your pet. You should also take into account his physiological needs. If you have a claustrophobic cat or a “lark” dog, it is recommended to leave more open space for sunlight. If you have owls, both literally and figuratively, then it makes sense to put such a bedside table in a dark corner or hang a curtain.

Important: never put food or water there, i.e. do not make a kitchen out of the bedroom, otherwise there is a high probability that your pet will have unexpected guests. You should also periodically clean the area with a disinfectant, even if your pet takes a shower twice a day.

African style and jute fever

Great lovers of southern latitudes and exotic animals will love this approach. Very budget-friendly products that you can create with your own hands, by the way, are very convenient to use and are liked by both rare breeds of African cats and the most common mongrel.

You can purchase (make yourself) not only houses, but also vases, poufs, baskets and much more, which can serve not only as an element of decor, but also as a chair / bed / stand for your pet. The convenience of using these products lies in the fact that, due to the light color, traces are immediately visible on them, if they get dirty, they can be wiped with a damp cloth with a disinfectant, and at worst it is not a pity to throw them away if they become unusable.

Important: do not put food here either, but also watch out for the claws of your pets. Some of them like to scratch such items.

Headquarters for agent cats

If you do not want (or cannot) provide your pets with a separate corner, but allow to use everything that you have at home (in the office), then closed stands with a solid foundation will be a good solution. You can use the shelves for anything, or you can leave them free. In any case, there is always a place for a cat. The observation point is perfect for decorating a living room or bedroom. But the kitchen won’t be the best place.

Important: do not put fragile products on such stands if they are valuable to you: they can easily be brushed off by your pet. Also, make sure that the rod (or leg) is strong and does not wobble with every breeze, and even more so the animal jump if you do not want to witness a loud fall.

There is more to come

Animals are an integral part of many people’s lives. Taking care of them and at the same time equipping your home or workplace, you get into several goals at once. A little imagination – and you get coziness and comfort as well as your pet. And the decor is no longer just a decor.

3 factors should always be considered in animal decor: hygiene, interaction with children (if any), and access to other items that they should not touch. If the safety rules are followed, then there is no cause for concern.

So, what about fish, birds, reptiles? A little bit patience. We have a lot of interesting things related to them, so keep reading.

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