“Live” items of interior décor: part 2

Exotic pets as a décor element evoke emotions in everyone and make the owner so popular. But there is no need to have exotic animals, if you do not have such a desire or means, or you just have a reasonable approach to the issues of introducing wildlife into a living space, you can create an exotic interior decor using the most ordinary, but so dear to your heart pets.

In the previous post, we talked about interior items for large animals, and today we will consider how you can use aquariums and bird cages in an interesting and surprising way.


We are used to the fact that aquariums are bulky arrays of water that take up a lot of space and create inconvenience. Often it is because of this that the owners get rid of them, even despite all their beauty.

The main principle when setting up large aquariums is to define their function, alongside from decoration. Yes, function is important, because if you consider the aquarium as a decorative element, you need to apply it as a functional unit. In another words, to find a practical way to use it.

The lid can be used as a shelf, just avoid putting too heavy items in there, and if the lid has a ventilation / light hole, then it should be left open. Consider the type of animals that live in this aquarium (light tolerance, pressure requirements, oxygen percentage and sound insulation).

It is worth to mention that the aquarium should not be placed where there is a high risk of breaking or meet with electrical impact, particularly, in narrow aisles or children’s rooms.

The tabletop round aquarium, which are so often used to seeing in offices, is one of the most budget-friendly solutions for water lovers. Even if there are no fish or other animals in it, just an appropriate real plants and corals are able to calm the hustle and bustle of the day, help you forget about worries and completely relax.

Bird’s cage

Placing a houseplant in a cage, you can get not only an unusual and cute decor in the interior, but also protect green leaves from encroachments on them by pets, for example, a cat.

If you have a few decorative small cells in stock, then it is easy to make an exquisite floristic composition from them. Use mini flower cages as a visual focal point on your holiday table. Such “vases” will be an excellent decoration for weddings and other celebrations.

If you make sure your bird feels cozy and protected there, you can change items from one theme to another.

If you don’t have a bird you can use bird cages as an amazing candlestick. Add related elements such as lace, rose petals, embroidery, or whatever you like. It will add an atmosphere of romance, relaxation and dreams in your room.

The habitat of birds is often unpretentious. If you are a birdhouse lover, and consider cages as a symbol of barbarism, then it makes sense to try to create an adorable corner for birds. This is most likely suitable for exterior decor, but if you’re afraid that your birds will fly away, you can allocate them a corner on a closed balcony.

From nature with love

When decorating your space, doesn’t matter is it interior or exterior, think about animals at first. About their physiology, needs, food habits. Remember that they are the main decorative elements, even if they live without all these wonderful products that we saw in this and the previous post.

It is also important to consider seasonal changes in animal behavior and how your environment matches these changes. When installing the product in summer, make sure that it serves in winter, as well as don’t forget about spring in cold rainy autumn nights.

Love nature, and it will back you in kind!

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