Landscaping: improvement and gardening

In this article we offer you several design ideas of how it is possible to make improvement and gardening of the small seasonal dacha.
improvement and gardening

Country landscaping by the hands

Use of curves will introduce some feeling of the movement to your small garden site, making impressions that your garden is gradually developed before the observer. And small gardens which gradually are kind of developed before eyes visually seem larger. Addition of such simple element as curved brick or stone garden paths, not only will introduce an interesting detail of a landscape, but also will present feeling of the extended space.
Retaining walls, garden paths and other decorative landscape projects are rather simple for realization. Besides, they serve as an excellent way of addition of texture from a tree and stones to small gardens.

improvement and gardening

Landscaping of a garden

Transformation of small gardens into “inhabited spaces” is an excellent way of creation of illusion of bigger space, than is in reality. It can be carried out a set of ways. Further we give some examples.

The best way of division of the small area will be a creation of different levels there. It is easily reached if to add the raised beds to registration or having created a zone for a relax where it is possible to sit (for example, on a bench), on the certain platform. Such way creates accurate and easily distinguishable division of space. The top level can be in practice transformed to the whole new world or the “subject” different from the lower level. You can be struck with “illusion” of that space which turns out as a result of such metamorphoses.

improvement and gardening

In a different way visual increase in small space there can be an installation of belvederes, bridges, pergolas and props for plants which will help to separate one area of a garden from another. It will give feelings of dynamism, but also will introduce feeling of mysteriousness, inviting you to see the fact that it disappears on other side of the fenced space. In such a way you will create one more “room” and illusion of the fact that your garden stretches and stretches for many meters forward.

Landscaping of the seasonal dacha

Improvement of the seasonal dacha

Addition of interesting landscape elements to small gardens will make more impressions for you and your visitors. The more at you in a garden will be impressions, the better. It can be only simple placement of plants in special compositions or the device decorative the rock aria.

Remember that when you use several groups of plants, stones or all anything so that they as it is possible closer treated some subject, color, the size, the group size, etc., it creates feeling of uniform composition on all garden.

improvement and gardening

Use of too different variations will have absolutely boomerang effect and will lead to the fact that your garden will begin to remind a disorder.

Addition of a set of objects of a decor in your garden is an excellent way to give it interest. However try to make so that various elements of a decor were combined with each other. It is too much things incoherent with each other can also lead to feeling of a disorder in a garden.

Design of a landscape – creation of illusions

Design of a landscape. Use of the correct color of walls represents very easy way of addition of feeling of depth to small gardens. Use of white color as a background creates feeling of the extended space while use of black color on an angular wall will create a shadow and illusion proceeding further a garden.

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