Landscape style in garden

Landscape style in garden

What does registration of a professional and beautiful landscape begin with? First of all, from the choice of the corresponding style. Actually, there is a lot of directions characterized completely in design of the site. One of such is a landscape style of a garden.

Landscape style: registration of a garden landscape

The landscape style has the history of origin. Originally it was not planned at all how the uniform style and also was not created under the particular decree. It originates in England. In the territory of the British Kingdom in the Age of Enlightenment a huge number of the nobility appeared. The so-called bourgeois layer literally captivated all state. People in its structure were very well-founded that imposed relevant requirements to accommodation.

England is the state of palaces with gray walls and gardens with the finest plants. It always was it, it will remain still. The nobility did not wish to lag behind royal manners and gardens began to surround each house of the notable person. They were magnificent to the modern measures, but are ordinary on aged. The name of a landscape garden was also assigned to them.

Landscape style in garden

If to get accustomed to such style, then in it it is possible to find something that reminds registration of the Chinese gardens. It with an ulterior motive as many consider that from the historical point of view landscape improvement in this style was created, eventually, under the influence of the Chinese civilization.

Landscape style in landscape design

The natural natural look will become more characteristic of a garden which will be executed in landscape style. The nature with all its nonstandard manifestations will become a rukovodstvuyushchy reference point. On such technology East gardens were created, there it was extremely important to show unity of the natural beginning with human civilizations. For this reason at the choice of this direction the relief will become extremely irregular.

Here bright contrasts which could emphasize a natural hum noise as well as possible can be observed. Nevertheless, beauty such and in Europe became in a simulated way, and in the modern situation of the country site is created by means of padding land works too.

Landscape style in garden


The lack of direct and legible lines is also peculiar to landscape style in registration of a garden. They are asymmetric and look almost imperceptibly if in them not to peer or not to try to find an ideological plan of the designer.

As very important difference from all other styles of the landscape direction serves that here constructions do not try to rivet on themselves an attention and a look, they enrich a natural situation, but not on the contrary. For this reason this style is called landscape – the nature acts as a key link here.

Such landscaping of the seasonal dacha will be easier to be executed. Here practically simulated expensive materials will not be required. Even paths which connect some separate objects are carried out from a natural stone, but not paving slabs. The stone can have some distance among the details that will force to sprout a little a grass and to create effect of advantage of the nature over artificially created world of the person.

Landscape style: design, its features

Gradual opening of each point of the area in a garden is characteristic of the landscape direction. There is no particular place from where you could see everything that is available on the site. Each its detail opens gradually, and one landscape replaces another.

Landscape style in garden
In garden registration of landscape style there are no high and composite plants. All of them have to look a little unattractive and is not well-groomed, but together to form beautiful ensemble. Any bush which well gets accustomed in your area will be suitable for the main grade of disembarkation.

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