What is Landscape design and how to start?

Landscape design is one of the most exciting decisions in exterior design. It contains amazing combinations of nature and technology. Although there are so many educational programs focused on landscape design study, there is no need to be engineer or certified designer to create some projects. However, everyone requires basic knowledge and skills to build really good ones.

Landscape design has wide variety of elements and ways to use them. Let’s see to the most    common items can be used both in your home and business office.


Plants (flowers, trees, grass, succulents)

Colorful and well-smelled elements of landscape design makes difference not only when used in the classic way by planting to the ground, but also by decorating building’s facade aka street art. This is when we can say that the line between art and science is so narrow. Look at the pictures below. Some authors of this kind of masterpieces wish to stay anonymous, while other masters join to small-to-big contests and competitions.

Tip. Simple way to use plants as an item of landscape design is to plant ivy or ivy-like trees beside the walls.

Stones (rubble, gravel, cobblestone)

Solid massive of stones looks much more impressively when painted and much more organic when not. The choice depends on whole exterior theme and client’s wishes about it. Many travelers make their site decorated in landscape design style nostalgic place keeping their memories as naturally as it’s possible. Just imagine that every piece of gravel in the courtyard of your home (or office) brought here from different countries, beaches, forests and etc. Exactly, time portal exist!

Tip: If you plan to make summer parties with “barefoot” events in the site, choose the stone pieces with as smooth surface as it’s possible to avoid risks of trauma.

Wood (wood logs, stumps, firewood, splinter)

Country-style, wild-life lovers and hippies – welcome! Actually, landscape design projects with using this element can be called “forest right in your door”. This item can make your site authentic, antique, romantic and inspiring place to live, work, create, meditate and relax. At the same time it’s a cost-effective renewable wood stock for cold winter nights beside fireplace, handmade organic Christmas tree and wood-art studio. What can be more profitable?

Tip: Due to protect huge stocks of firewood in rainy and snowy days, be sure that you’d provide canopy and other necessary waterproof inventory for wood decoration items.

Water (waterfall, lake, stream)

Keep calm and create landscape! The most powerful sedative people ever know is able to bring in your site peace and serenity, take off daily vanity and fill the vacuum of loneliness. Selection of type of the water pieces in design should be based on soil percentage, flatness of the ground surface and plumbing features. If you want to add some fish or another fauna you should to project your pool according to biological requirements of animal you want to settle.

Tip: To keep the water clean in all seasons add a “sanitary days” to your agenda. Don’t forget to check it for unexpected guests as frogs, snails, snakes and others.

What else?

Planning and creating projects of landscape design is interesting, exciting and laborious process. It should contain not only architectural points, but ecological, financial, creative and social as well. When starting to make landscape decoration in your site consider all aspects your neighborhood potentially can worry about. Making your own residence better make this world better too.

Enjoy it!

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