Landscape design ideas for Seniors

Seniors and gurus of landscape design and architecture can be compared with road builders: they define a direction in which the project will be run. Also they reproduce ideas, styles, ideologies and lifestyles through the creative masterpieces. Their creations’ size can be huge or small, unique or multiple, country-limited or universal. Mistakes and success correlate with it.

If any master achieved a Senior-level in landscape design niche he/she passed main fears and doubts related with projects’ necessity, value and price. This is the main level when clients pay firstly for responsibility and guarantee of quality.

In previous posts we talked about interesting ideas for beginners and middles. Is there any project or decoration plan seniors are not familiar with? Sure, because the knowledge and skills is not everything for gurus. As mentioned above, sometimes the “idea” is a thought or message.

100 % Vegan

Healthcare and nature saving related topics are always in TOP charts. There is no exception for landscape design. Animal and plant care can be reflected in breeding as well as in shapes and materials used (recyclable, eco-friendly and etc.). Depends on type of site landscape design can base on ground, fence, walls projects or small decoration items as birdhouse, stickers and drapery with related logos. Also works absence of all kind of  “unnatural” items. If you plan eco-design in business-office, you can add some plaques with short inscription which describes your/ client’s message to guests.

Culture cult

Anglophiles, yankee-lovers, Provence style fans and other culture/country followers can bring so many ideas of landscape design for their site’s decoration just by the way of exploring features of national style of area they like. Shapes of the buildings and fences (if exist), items’ arrangement, colors – every detail makes sense. One of the greatest addition you can make is to bring some animal or plant related with country you base on. For example, sakura (Cherry Blossom) tree if planned Japanese style, or chameleon in case of tropical area reproduction.


This type of inspiration for landscape design mostly fits for business-offices and event-centers. However, you can apply some transformable ideas in your/clients’ living sites as well. Charity, sport, education, business, art, science, military, literature and so much more different reasons for social events can bring the main message or style into landscape design elements. Using multipurpose and reusable materials will help to recreate and redesign some ideas. Especially, it’s so important when there is more than one event planned in the same area.

Complexity and responsibility

The main idea for landscape design projects planned by seniors is in prioritizing behavior, personality, beliefs and life principles of clients.

  • Always start with question: “Can I make something really captivating, persuasive and respectable?”
  • Explore the event, thought, country or culture you plan to reproduce as carefully as if you write medical PhD article.
  • Remember that every detail makes difference and its’ lack can become a reason of dissatisfaction as minimum and loss of many (hundreds, thousands, millions) dollars and fail of brand/event/business as maximum, even if all decoration steps made appropriately according with all basics and rules of architecture and design.

Mr./Mrs. Landscape design guru, don’t be afraid! You can overcome all of these and many other tasks, otherwise you wouldn’t become a Senior!

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