Landscape design ideas for Mid-level specialists

If you already have a couple of completed projects in the portfolio of a landscape designer, probably, you have a proper set of skills to implement exclusive and unique ideas related with decoration of your/your clients’ site.

According to stats, practitioners with knowledge of basics of engineering, architecture, technology and design are more subject to professional burnout than gurus or beginners. The main reason is that during the period at the middle level the specialist is engaged in many projects at the same time (multitasking) and it becomes more difficult to look for more and more new ideas every day.

But here is a simple solution: consume as much proffesional visual content as possible (like ours J) and fuel your imagination.

Here are a few ideas that may be already take place in your portfolio, but that won’t stop you from recreating them with some transformation in your own unique style.


Magic place not only for “Horace and Tina” fans, but also for introverts, kids, adventurers and romanticists.

Three main things you need to build this fantastic place for having rest, playing games, reading, dreaming and, actually, do everything you wish, are wood blocks, hummer, nails and about 50-years old tree with strong thick branches.

Another important thing is that you have to provide an insurance of sustainability of construction, predict and prevent all risks and consequences they entail.

Fence door

Fence with small sweet door mostly designed for decoration not security. This element helps us to create atmosphere of countryside or luxury, depends on how it used. Even if there is no any other item related with landscape design in a site, fence door itself can be major one. Moreover, it will be great if you can add some flowers or ivy as along the fence border or through the holes in the fence and fence door.

The shape of the door should match to the site’s style, colors and geometry.

Musical Fountain

Build a fountain in the courtyard of villa or office is one of the most common design elements and sometimes becomes a cliché. But we’re talking about landscape design, so you can project a fountain which will be built with using natural stones or wood blocks. As a mid-level specialist you can take a responsibility to add here musical light panels. It will be great decision, especially for party days: you/your client save/s money for light design and DJ, plus it’s not for 1 night! High-quality musical light panels works for years.

As a cherry on the cake you can add a 1 or 3 water lily flowers in the fountain pool.

Jacuzzi pool

One more decision for money saving. It’s one of the most useful multi-purpose spa function: massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy (if plants or essential oils used) and water therapy – all in one and for a few persons at the same time (optional). No need to list prices for all of these services in spa centers. You can invite your girlfriend/boyfriend or spend a healthy time with your family or take a rest alone.

When built on the balcony, there is an opportunity to take an advantage of spa in winter as well.

Feel better?

As you see there is too many ideas for landscape design for mid-level specialist (and for other levels), so you can easily prevent burnout just by checking periodically amazing pictures and articles (as you guess, like this one J ). Don’t forget: to create great landscape design project there is no need to reinvent the wheel, it’s enough to implement your own unique ideas into well-known techniques.

Good luck, and see you on the best ideas checklist for seniors!

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