Landscape design ideas for Beginners

What makes sense for beginners when planning a project of summer villa’s or winter cottage’s courtyards? Is it creating luminescent show inside the waterfall or using precious metals and stones for framing stair railings? Probably, not. Absolutely, not. It doesn’t mean you can’t try to do it, but this is not the first step to start if you want to improve your skills gradually, step-by-step, and to set every level as excellent.

So, if you’re a student in design or architecture schools or just interested in making space around you look at these glorious ideas you can implement with a couple of building tools.

Seat/lay area 

Trees that are already exist, will be so helpful. Simply putting small (or big, as you wish) table and chairs, bench, or attaching hammock, promote great transformation. Hot summer days turn to a reason for buddy-meeting or business-lunch in a few seconds. Add some flowers, tablecloth, chair cushions, bed cover, and, actually, every detail that gives you inspiration.

Second-hand/ Retro/ subculture/ travel/ art

Everyone can find some pieces of furniture in the loft, lovely movie or music decoration items from childhood, myriads or magnets, bibelots and souvenirs from all over the world. Don’t let them gather dust! Bring here and dive into memories, dreams and plans for future.

If you (or your clients) don’t have any kind of items like that, look for flea market in your city/town. There are so many rare, amazing and sometimes fantastic elements can be used for landscape design. You can also restore, remake, paint, add new items to make them more colorful, nostalgic, motivating and authentic. Hey, don’t worry, this is quite cheap!

Paths and walkways

One of the most romantic pieces of every garden and forest if exist. Adding a few stones or gravel sprinkle can put you on the atmosphere of an old royal court or the scenes of classic literature masterpieces. It will be best place for playing games for children. Little investigators and artists will be happy to find more and more new shapes and colors in their gardens and courtyards.

One more idea about how to apply gravel-based paths alongside with decoration – use it as a tool for foot massage. Great opportunity for all family members having spa-procedures right at home! And again, free of charge.

Garden arbor

This 2 in 1 decision for winemakers, gardeners and florists. All you have to do is just insert wood blocks to the ground and to plant trees or shrub with curling braches. If you have them already, it’s so great, because new one should grow for at least 1 or 2 year to fill the whole arch. Don’t forget to take an advice of biologist or/and florist to provide relevant care for plants.

To make the landscape more “natural” don’t use any metal or concrete blocks as a base. Also don’t prefer arbor as a carcass for electrical wires. It can be not only unnatural, but life-threatening, because of high risk of fire.

Flowers as a border

Border of driveway, outside stairs and walkways. Here you should meet with scientist and natural art specialist as well. Choose the flowers, which is not too much labile to gasoline or another exhaust gases. Straight row of roses, hydrangeas or peonies is a gentle part of landscape design for each and every site.

Not enough?

These are common and widespread landscape design ideas which can turn into your own unique decision when planned according to lifestyle preferences. There is no need to know very much about it, but so important to feel yourself as a part of your residence, think about events you want to join to and, especially, about people you live or work with together in the site you plan to decorate.

To be continued…

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