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Frequently Asked Questions

Is watercolor painting popular?

One of the most beloved media in the history of art, watercolor (or watercolour, as the Brits spell it, and aquarelle, as it is called in French) is also one of the oldest methods of painting in the world.

What are the painting styles that are in demand today?

9 Styles Of Art That Will Always Be Popular

  • Abstract. Let's begin with the trickiest! ...
  • Modern. If you've ever had the fortune to visit MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, you'll know how captivating modern art can be. ...
  • Impressionist. ...
  • Pop Art. ...
  • Cubism. ...
  • Surrealism. ...
  • Contemporary. ...
  • Fantasy.

How long will watercolor last?

According to manufacturers, tubes of watercolor will last for 5 years. Pan watercolors should be good for at least 10 years. This varies depending upon the storage conditions. Moldy watercolors are usually discarded.

Can you paint a picture of a landscape?

Well, that’s exactly a landscape but since the landscape is all about natural scenery gifted by mother earth, you can get a lot more creative with landscape paintings. Paint dancing trees or golden light piercing the sky. Look through the hundreds of pictures available on the internet.

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