Is Vinyl Tile Good For Bathrooms?


WPC and SPC Vinyl is a great waterproof option for bathrooms and other wet, high traffic areas. Vinyl can look like wood planks, stone, and even ceramic tile. … Waterproof vinyl is more affordable than stone, and hardwood too, which is why many people are using it in other rooms of the house in place of hardwood floors.


Many homeowners use sheet vinyl for especially messy or wet bathrooms because it allows for a seamless install. It’s ideal for a child’s bathroom or the laundry room, can be a good DIY option for flooring projects, and is relatively inexpensive. Also a great option for DIY projects, vinyl tile holds a visual resemblance to stone tile.

What’s your advice on putting luxury vinyl flooring in a bathroom?

Tiles Or Vinyl In Bathroom

Vinyl Floor Tile on Bathroom Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vinyl tiles suitable for bathrooms?

Vinyl flooring could be a great shout for you. ... Completely Waterproof - A must for almost any space, bathroom and wet room vinyl flooring is completely waterproof and, if installed professionally, will easily cope with moist environments and won't deteriorate if exposed to water regularly.

Is luxury vinyl tile good for bathrooms?

Vinyl is a standout choice for bathroom flooring. There are several different vinyl products, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl roll (also known as sheet vinyl), and both of these are excellent bathroom flooring choices. They're durable, moisture-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and warm underfoot.

Which is the best material to use for bathroom flooring?

Vinyl is another material you might be considering when installing new flooring in your bathroom or kitchen. Vinyl is easy to care for, it is very affordable, and if you are on a tight budget, it is a material which is typically a good choice for most homeowners. Vinyl is very light, so it is easy to install and it does not take long to settle.

Which is better for kitchen floor vinyl or ceramic?

Vinyl tile floors, since the material is resilient, are slightly more comfortable and quiet underfoot than rock-hard ceramic tile. In a kitchen, a china dish dropped on vinyl may survive, while shattering is a given if it drops onto ceramic tile.

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