Is The Equator Tropical Landscape?


The tropics include the Equator and parts of North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. … Some areas, like parts of the Amazon Basin in South America, get almost 3 meters (9 feet) of rain per year. Other areas in the tropics have a drier climate.

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What are the tropics and the polar circles? What is the equator?

Why Do More Species Live Near the Equator?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the equator temperate or tropical?

The climate zone known as temperate is located between the equator and the North and South poles. The average temperature of the coldest months in the temperate zone is lower than that of the tropical zones, while the average temperature of the warmest months in the temperate zone is higher than that of the polar zone.

Why is the equator tropical?

Tropical rainforests are found near the equator due to the amount of rainfall and the amount of sunshine these areas receive. ... The high temperatures means that evaporation happens at a fast rate, resulting in frequent rainfall.

What is the landscape like in the tropical zone?

Rainforests are located in the tropical climate region. They are hot and wet all year round – this creates a humid climate. The annual rainfall is high as it rains almost every day. The temperatures are constant all year round – the temperature range is usually only a few degrees.

What is the difference between tropics and Equator?

4 & 5 The Tropics (Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn) The imaginary lines that are 23.5 degrees away from the equator buut also all of the area between these lines. The region of the planet called the "Tropical Zone" or "Torrid Zone". The Earth's tilt is responsible for the position of 4 of the 5 great circles.

Are there any tropical rainforests along the equator?

It features many different species of plants and animals and is home to the largest areas of tropical rainforestsin the world. Countries Along the Equator In addition to the dense tropical rainforests along the equator, the line of latitude crosses the land and water of 12 countries and several oceans.

Why is the tropical climate at the equator important?

The tropical climate at the equator allows an amazing amount of biodiversity. It features many different species of plants and animals and is home to the largest areas of tropical rainforests in the world.

How does the equator relate to the latitude of the Earth?

Equator. This geographic, or terrestrial, Equator divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres and forms the imaginary reference line on the Earth’s surface from which latitude is reckoned; in other words, it is the line with 0° latitude.

Where is the equatorial climate zone located in the world?

The equatorial climate zone is situated around the equator and cover wide areas in South America, Central Africa and South-East Asia.

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