Is Rick Hard Putty For Exterior Use?


Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty is a gypsum-based filler – Powder. DURHAM’S Putty will withstand weather if kept painted, but paint will peel from damp Water Putty. … The product will absorb moisture so it is not recommended for use in a humid environment.

How Hard is Water Putty ?

Using Durham’s Water Putty

Casting With Durham’s Rock Hard Putty – Does It Work?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Durham's Water Putty be used outside?

Durham's can be used outdoors and will withstand outdoor weather, but it must be kept painted. Water putty is not waterproof and will absorb any moisture it is exposed to and the paint will peel. So if you see peeling, you must find the source of the moisture and stop it from gettting into the putty.

What kind of putty gets hard?

Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty™ is a gypsum-based filler — a powder — that becomes very hard when mixed with water. It never shrinks and has great bonding strength. That's why so many people use Durham's to fill holes and cracks in wood, plaster, furniture, stone, and concrete.

What can Durham's Rock Hard water putty be used for?

Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty permanently adheres in wood, plaster, and tile, and is wonderful for molding. It stays put and does not shrink. It can be sawed, chisled, sanded, polished and colored. Ask for Durham's by name at your local big box, hardware store, or lumber store, among others.

What kind of wall putty can you use on exterior walls?

But if you want to save yourself of the hassle, just use JK Protomax Decoshield Waterproof Wall Putty. The quality of the putty is so high that you can use it everywhere. Additionally, using this wall putty means that save a lot due to the higher coverage area and lesser paint consumption. The putty also lasts much longer than average putty.

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