Is Latex Or Oil Paint Better For Exterior Door?


Overall, oil paint can hold up a little better, and was the traditional choice for long-lasting outdoor painting projects. But latex paint has been improved. Many water-based paints now have added acrylics that act as binding agents and help the paint last longer on most outdoor surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use oil-based paint for exterior doors?

In general, oil-based paints hold up better than water-based ones, so they cover more thoroughly and last longer. Oil-based paints can: Cover more effectively in a single coat. Hold up to high-traffic areas and the outdoor elements.

What type of paint should be used on a front door?

The most common kinds of exterior door paint are acrylic resin or latex-based and with a semi-gloss finish. Latex-based exterior paint is the most flexible type and is quite popular. It fills in larger imperfections on a door's surface and resists cracking and chipping.

Which is the best type of paint to use on doors?

Choose either latex water-based paint or alkyd oil-based paint. Oil-based paint leaves fewer brush strokes, but latex paint dries faster and has lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been identified as cancer-causing agents. Consider these factors to help determine what type of paint you should use.

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