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Frequently Asked Questions

What should Condo reserves be?

In general, funds need at least $2,000 per unit per year to avoid under funding. An average for a new building might be just $500 per unit per year while older buildings can be as much as $4,000.

What are condo reserves used for?

Reserve Funds for Condominiums or HOAs Homeowners' associations and condominiums often use reserve funds in the event of large-scale maintenance or renovation projects, as well as for any costly community emergencies.

What should be included in a Reserve Study?

Focuses on the common property elements and includes a component inventory, condition assessment and life and valuation estimates. Recommends reserve fund contributions for capital expenditures over the next 30 years and includes the current fund status and suggested funding plan.

How much should a condo HOA have in reserves?

Typically (that is a dangerous word), most condominium associations should be setting aside 15% - 40% of their assessments towards Reserves. This ratio is lower for associations where each homeowner maintains their own home and the association only is responsible for some minimal common areas.

Do you have to have a reserve fund for a condo?

In many state/province, the law requires associations to maintain a reserve fund for the repair and replacement of major items. But, in a planned condo development, it’s the association (not the individual) who’s responsible for the repair and replacement of the common areas.

Can a community grow without both operating and reserve funds?

A community cannot grow without both accounts. A community also cannot succeed if operating funds and reserve funds are not managed properly, effectively, and legally. In a self-managed community, the board takes on the responsibility of managing association funds.

Can a condo association do its own reserve study?

Because of the technical details involved and the critical importance of the study, some associations hire qualified firms to conduct one or both sections of the study. However, there’s no state/provincial law to prohibit a board of directors from conducting their own reserve study.

How often should Hoa have a reserve fund?

Ideally, the account should be able to cover at least 3 to 6 months of operating expenses. It’s important for associations to have a clear collection policy so that income generated from HOA fees will always be enough to cover your monthly expenses. If not, the HOA should consider trimming the budget accordingly. What Is a Reserve Fund?

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