Is It A Requirement To Have Ada Single Use Bathrooms?


Some basic ADA guidelines are imperative for single-user restrooms. There must be a 30“ x 48“ access to the sink. Keep in mind that the door can swing into this rectangle. … Keep in mind that the doors should not swing in the minimum required area.


The bathroom must be ADA compliant ONLY if it is for public and/or common use. Public use describes interior or exterior rooms or spaces that are made available to the general public. Public use may be provided at a building or facility that is privately or publicly owned.

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AC 012 – ADA Requirements for Toilets: Water Closets

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Ada start requiring single user toilets?

Support ADA Compliance Directory Click HERE . This plan shows a typical example of a single-user toilet room that meets the minimum requirements of the 1991 Standards.

Is there a turning space in an ADA bathroom?

A T-shaped turning space has been used (see Fig. 3 (a) of the 1991 Standards and Figure 304.3.2 of the 2010 Standards) to maintain a compact room size. An out-swinging door also minimizes the overall layout depth and cannot swing over the required clear floor space or clearance at any accessible plumbing fixture.

Can a disabled person use a public restroom?

With that in mind, any restroom in a place of public accommodation or a commercial facility that needs to be accessed by disabled people must adhere to ADA compliance standards. By adhering to ADA standards, you create a space that’s more widely accessible regardless of physical ability.

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