Is Gross Sqft From Interior Or Exterior Face Of Walls?


The gross square footage regarding code is measured to the interior face of the exterior walls.


Building Gross Square Footage is usually the area of construction to the outside face of the exterior walls. Covered areas like porches, terraces, and entry alcoves may be included, but not always. "Open to below" areas in multi-story voids (atria) are excluded from BGSF – only the first floor of a multi-story open space is included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does gross square footage include exterior walls?

Hear this out loudPauseThe Gross Square Footage is calculated from the outside of the exterior walls and is inclusive of all space within minus areas that are open to below. The Net Square Footage is the total square footage of all the rooms/areas on a floor.

How do you calculate gross SF?

Hear this out loudPauseCalculating gross square footage is simple. Calculate the exterior dimensions of your building, as demonstrated in the above graphic. Measure the length and width of the building's walls. Multiply the length and width measurements to find square footage.

How do you find the gross area of a wall?

Hear this out loudPauseThat is, look for the measurements of each outer wall on the blueprint. Calculate the area of each square or rectangle by multiplying the length by height. Add up the area of each square or rectangle to obtain the total gross area.

Does gross floor area include walls?

Hear this out loudPauseGross floor area (GFA) in real estate is the total floor area inside the building envelope, including the external walls, and excluding the roof. Definitions of GFA, including which areas are to be counted towards it and which areas aren't, vary around the world.

What is the gross internal area of a building?

Gross internal area (GIA) is the area taken to the inside face of the external walls of a building. So it includes the area of the internal walls. It’s used when assessing building costs, and when calculating areas for Building Regulation purposes.

What's the difference between Gross and gross floor area?

The floor area of a building, or portion thereof, not provided with surrounding exterior walls shall be the usable area under the horizontal projection of the roof or floor above. The gross floor area shall not include shafts with no openings or interior courts. Other codes, including local building codes, may have a different definition.

How to measure square footage in a building?

If the space is on a single tenancy floor, compute the inside area by measuring between the inside finish of the permanent exterior building walls or from the face of the convectors (pipes or other wall -hung fixtures) if the convector occupies at least 50% of the length of exterior walls.

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