Is Garage Categorised As Interior Or As Exterior House Painting?


If you are wanting to paint the inside of your garage and it enclose from the natural elements you can use interior paint. If you are asking about painting etc., the inside walls of your garage…then it is considered Interior. And Exterior for the outside!


For most attached garages in moderate climates, interior paint is the best choice. You can use both interior and exterior paint in a garage. Each type of paint addresses different needs. You already know that you can’t use interior paint on the outside of your home and expect long-lasting results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use interior paint on garage door?

The Best Paint for Garage Doors If your garage door is metal, oil-based paint will hold up a bit better, but latex paint is just fine. When painting inside your garage door, you can choose to use interior paint if your garage is climate-controlled. It's as simple as that! Now all you have to do is pick a color!

Should a garage be painted with interior paint?

Because we suggest you use an interior latex paint to paint garage walls, and latex paint doesn't bond well to the finish of oil paint. Without the proper surface prep, you run the risk of paint failure. Sanding the surface before applying the bonding primer can also help it stick well.

What kind of paint to use in an unheated garage?

I was going to say what ric did, but he beat me to it! lol.. Depends on the climate, on the environmental exposure. Interior paint would suffice for the most parts of the country , although exterior paint is probably a better choice where there is extreme climate change (especially in an unheated garage).

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