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Is black tile good for showers?

like the hex tile Beth H posted – it's not too shiny and has natural flaws in it that will help camouflage grime. also consider grout – black will show anything light colored that builds up (soap scum, minerals, etc). white can discolor. go for something medium toned.

Should I use black tile?

Using black can basically bring a whole new dimension to your room design. It can even make your space feel considerably larger. Glossy black tiles can help make a small room feel a little more open and vibrant. Opt for lighter paint colors, furniture and window treatments to create even more contrast and visual depth.

How to prevent water spots on black tile shower floors?

Hence, the only way of preventing water spots in black tile shower floors is to clean the flooring regularly and remove every individual stain that turns up. The existing hard water stains on the tiles act as a lure for more soap scum, dirt and hard water particles.

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