Is Bitutane Best Product To Water Proof Exterior Stairs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bituthene used for?

Bituthene is ideal for waterproofing concrete decks where in-service temperatures will not exceed 130°F (54°C). It can be applied to split slab construction such as in plaza areas and parking decks. Interior uses may include mechanical rooms, laboratories, kitchens and bathrooms.

What is the difference between bituthene 3000 and 4000?

Bituthene 4000 is used with Primer B2 on prepared vertical and sloping surfaces as well as on suspended slab. Primer B2 can be used on 'green' concrete or damp surfaces. Bituthene 3000 is a flexible waterproof membrane which can be applied cold.

Is ICF waterproof?

ICF walls resist moisture accumulation because they are permeable and stop condensation. ICFs are used to construct above and below-grade walls of a building or home. However, only below-grade ICF walls require waterproofing and proper drainage systems.

How do you waterproof ICF blocks?

The primary methods of waterproofing are: peel and stick membranes, liquid systems that are sprayed, rolled, or applied with a trowel, and dimpled drainage mats which are fastened to the ICF walls. There are many waterproofing systems from which to choose.

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