Is Being A Landscape Architect Worth It?


Yes! And this is why it will pay off! As we move into a future of sustainability and the need for energy-efficient resources, landscape architecture has become a key to the future of design. Trained with a wide range of skills that combine art and science, the opportunities are endless for landscape architects.

The Cons of Becoming an Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial benefits of Landscape Architecture?

Financial benefits Landscape architecture promises a steady income if you prove yourself to be pretty good at it. The hard work that goes into visualizing, understanding what exactly the clients’ need and executing the plans pays well in this profession.

Why are so many people not interested in architecture?

One of the keys to getting past this is learning to disassociate from “the work”. It helps to think that the work has its own life. The work is what’s being criticized, not you as a person. It sounds silly, but a lot of architecture students never make it past the first year because of this.

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