Is A Wildlife Sanctuary An Example Of Cultural Landscape?


Wildlife sanctuaries often turn out to be a cultural hotspot. In addition to flora and fauna, these sanctuaries are also dotted with different structures that help us understand how these areas were established in the first place. They are, therefore, of immense historical and cultural significance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are characteristics of cultural landscape?

Cultural landscapes are historically significant places that show evidence of human interaction with the physical environment. Their authenticity is measured by historical integrity, or the presence and condition of physical characteristics that remain from the historic period.

What is the difference between a National Park and a wildlife sanctuary?

National park refers to a territory or region that is specifically reserved by various governing bodies for the preservation of biodiversity and wildlife owing to its cultural, natural and historical importance.

What can you do in a wildlife sanctuary?

A highly restricted human activity is allowed in wildlife sanctuaries. The hunting and poaching of animals is strictly banned as well as the trees and plants cannot be cut down for agriculture or any other application. There are no clearly carved out boundaries or fencing to prohibit people from entering into wildlife sanctuaries.

What's the difference between a sanctuary and an animal home?

A wildlife sanctuary is a facility in which animals are transferred to live and to remain secured for the remaining part of their lives. As compared to animal homes, wildlife sanctuaries do not look for placing animals with groups or individuals. Instead of that they tend to maintain every animal until its natural demise.

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