Is A Steamy Bathroom Enough Water For Air Plants?


Air plants love being placed in a bathroom or kitchen window (indirect light), and the steam/moisture will keep them happy! Artificial light can also be a sufficient source, as long as the plants are not too far from the light and receive adequate amounts per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to water air plants in bathroom?

This means that if you're putting your air plant where it will receive loads of light, you should plan to mist it more often - twice a week or even daily. A sunny bathroom makes a happy home for an air plant, because the humidity from your shower will take care of most plant misting for you.

What kind of water do you use for air plants?

Air plants aren't too picky when it comes to water, and most tap water is just fine, but it depends on the water quality in your area. The best water to use: rain water, aquarium water, or pond water because these are more rich in nutrients (note: if using one of these waters, don't add any additional fertilizer).

Should air plants be soaked or misted?

A good rule to follow is most air plants that have an abundance of trichomes (xeric plants) should often be dunked or misted, while plants with bright green leaves and less trichomes ( mesic plants) prefer to be soaked once a week. ... Xerographica air plants should be dunked or sprayed rather than soaked.

Can you mist air plants to water them?

Misting is simple, just take a spray bottle or a hose attachment on the “mist” setting and lightly mist your plants. When misting, make sure that the entire plant is moistened. As stated before, this is not the best watering method to use if this is their only source of water.

What's the best way to bathe air plants?

Return your air plants to their regular spot until it is time to bathe them again. Don’t use chlorinated water for your air plants as it can harm them. Instead, use rainwater or filtered water if possible. If you want to use tap water, allow it to sit out in a bowl for 24 hours first so that the chlorine evaporates.

How often do air plants need to be watered?

Air plants like several hours a day of bright, indirect light. 4. Air plants can’t live on air alone. Above: Photograph by John Merkl. Air plants get nutrition by absorbing water through their leaves. A good rule of thumb is to water an air plant once a week. Of course, bend the rule based on the conditions in your own home.

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