Is 85mm Lens Good For Landscape?


Neglecting Landscapes It’s often proclaimed that wide-angle lenses are the best for landscapes. And while wide-angles have their merits, so do 85mm lenses. … An 85mm lens will also give you the ability to capture a scene without distortion and with great clarity, which is certainly beneficial for landscape photos.


The 85mm is known as a great portrait lens, but what many don’t know is that the 85mm is also considered a short telephoto lens! Many landscape nature photographers use it when photographing wildlife! It can be easily used for headshot photography, portraits, in same cases macro photography, landscapes, weddings, and events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 85mm lens good for?

This option is WELL known to be great for compression and bokeh. To make it short and sweet, the 85mm tends to make the background appear closer than it is while allowing the subject to really stand out. This compression and bokeh allow your eye to go directly to where you want it to!

Is 85mm the best portrait lens?

An 85mm lens is still good on APS-C as it will provide an equivalent focal length of 127.5mm, which works nicely for head-and-shoulders images. ... We'd go so far as to say this is essential for portraiture. The larger a maximum aperture you can get, the better.

Is a 85mm lens good for portraits?

The 85mm focal length is perfect for portraits thanks to the levels of compression they provide, and because they do not distort facial features.

What are the benefits of an 85mm lens?

As a prime lens, the 85mm encourages a deliberate, creative mindset in composing images for outdoor and nature photography. 2. A huge benefit of an 85mm prime lens (or any prime lens, for that matter) is that it forces behaviors that will improve our overall photography skills, including nature photography, regardless of lens type. 3.

Which is the best prime lens for portrait photography?

The 85mm prime lens really shines with landscape and street scenes. While technically a portrait is defined as an depiction of a person, consider that there are other subject opportunities to capture a ‘portrait' of. Just look at this beautiful portrayal of an empty street in the late afternoon!

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