Interior textiles: seasonal changes

It’s natural to change your wardrobe for the weather. So why not “dress up” the apartment for the seasons? Especially in winter, when the days are shorter, there is less sun, and we spend more time indoors than in summer and spring. It is pointless to fight seasonality, it is better to make it your ally in decorating your apartment.


Partially changing textiles is the easiest and most affordable way to update the interior: curtains, carpets, towels, pillow covers and bedspreads on sofas, bed linen and much more.


The face of the room is the window. By pulling the curtains, we block the light when we want to retire and separate from the outside world. We shade the windows and drown out the noises to stay in silence. Curtains change the interior much more than it seems.

Decorative pillows

They are appropriate in almost any interior and on any furniture – bed, sofa, armchair, on the floor in the nursery. Pillows can change the look of any room. There are never many of them. At least, three. One sets the color, the second sets the style, the third sets the plot. All three should be in harmony with each other.


It is very important to choose a blanket for curtains and pillows. It is better if the materials from which the blankets and bedspreads are made are also seasonal. For winter – wool and tweed, in summer – cotton. The blanket should be pleasant to the touch.


They are usually removed in the summer, but if there is no desire and enthusiasm, then you do not need to change them several times a year. By the way, hanging carpet on the wall is back in fashion!


Not everyone is ready to use bed linens with complex ornaments on an ongoing basis, but you can try to buy such linen for the fall season – under such a blanket you will surely dream of walking in the autumn forest.


When was the last time you renewed your towels? Most likely, a long time ago – the change of season may be a reason to finally do it. Even in the bathroom, you should feel the atmosphere of the season, which is outside the window and in your apartment. Towels for the bathroom and kitchen will help with this in the best possible way.

Bath robe

A traditional bath robe doesn’t have to be white. Just like towels, it can be of different colors – from daisies to Santa Claus. Adhering to the body, the robe seems to convey the energy of the pattern that is depicted on it. Therefore, change your bathrobes according to the weather at home, outdoors and in your soul.


Breakfast on the insulated veranda of a country house will be even more enjoyable if you approach the serving responsibly. Take care of a thick tablecloth that matches the color scheme outside the window

Seasonal flavors and Aroma candles

Decorating an apartment for the season, you need to choose the right seasonal smells. In winter, these are spices and citrus fruits – tart and deep. Try it and see how these little things change your feelings and mood.

Storage issue

If you remove carpets according to the seasons, change curtains, blankets, bedspreads and pillows, then the question arises of where to store all this. Do not worry! Even in a small apartment there is always room for one or two boxes. It’s even cooler to have a vintage chest that doubles as a coffee table and storage space for seasonal textiles.

What if…

Fashion in interiors does not change as often as on the catwalk, but it still surprises every season. You can add value for this surprises, if seasonal using textyle decoration of interior for you doesn’t mean that decor must match to current season. Contrasts can avake enormous emotions if used correctly.

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