Should the interior design style match with that of the exterior

Decorating a house after renovation or creating a project even before laying the foundation, each owner (hostess) and architect-designer asks the question: is harmony necessary? Should the styles on the inside and outside be the same?

The answer is simple: as you please.

Especially, if it is a home with a courtyard or garden. In municipal buildings, often there is no choice: all we can do is decorate the apartment from the inside. Therefore, it’s difficult to know exactly what kind of luxury is hidden in this old building or what is the color of gimcrack in that new house with a chic facade.

Here are the most important pros and cons of choice between both variants.


  1. The unity of styles inside in the apartment and outside in the courtyard is provides some kind of guarantee for protection from volatility, frequent mood, desire and life preference changes. Often this is exactly what you want when cross the threshold of your home. There is no risk of will of restoration with a shift to one or another style if you’ll get bored.
  2. Firstly, it’s convenient. Both for owner and designer. No need to puzzle over which two styles to choose, look for agreement of householders, colleagues (if it is an office) etc. for each of them. You can choose a standard style and add details for everyone’s taste. Secondly, it is very convenient if you are planning a party that involves both home and yard usage. It will be possible to transfer some elements of interior decor to the garden, or vice versa, without a fear about disrupting the harmony of styles.
  3. Single-tasking. The house is considered to be a place of rest and family gatherings. As well as the office, it is a place to focus on work processes and skill development. However, modern realities dictate different conditions. This point is more about disadvantages of a single style in your site. You probably guessed it already, but more on that in the next section.


  1. No monotony. The usage of different styles in the interior and exterior itself eliminates risks of monotony and boredom. With just going out into the courtyard (or come into house) you can feel a surge of energy, as if you were visiting or went for a walk. If someone has already tried this approach, they didn’t feel bored during the quarantine-2020 for sure!
  2. Personal space. This point emphasizes all the advantages of the combined style of your site compared to a single one. And again, let’s back to quarantine. As much as everyone is sick of talking about it, all of us have to do something with it. And design will help us! Work, study, hobbies, rest, sports, body care – all this can (or have to) be done at home. Therefore, it is very important to allocate space for each area. You can have a one-room apartment, it’s not a problem. The most important thing is to set boundaries. If you have a courtyard or balcony, then you can move a gym, office or workshop there.
  3. Source of inspiration. Different design decisions in one place can be a great source of inspiration for creativity, life achievements, love fantasies and much more. For example, a closed gazebo in modest loft style in the courtyard will help you focus on work, and bright Provence in the kitchen or Baroque in the bedroom are able to ignite your imagination.


Both exterior and interior decoration requires sensible approach to project building. The choice of style / styles is entirely up to you. However, think about it not as a momentary task, but as a long-term investment in your comfort and well-being.

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