How To Winterize Landscape Plants And Shrubs?


The basics of putting the perennial garden to bed:

  1. Do not fertilize. …
  2. Keep removing spent flowers and dead and dying foliage.
  3. Keep the base of plants free of dead leaves and debris particularly before frost.
  4. Keep watering until the ground freezes. …
  5. Apply a layer of mulch or mulched leaves in late fall.


To a great degree, winterizing trees and large shrubs can be achieved simply by watering them properly in the fall. Stop watering in early fall, which triggers trees and shrubs to prepare for winter and prevents new growth that won’t be hardy to winter weather.

Winterizing Trees and Shrubs

How to winterize your trees & shrubs

How To Winterize Shrubs And Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I winterize my landscaping?

Top 3 Tips for Winterizing Your Landscape

  1. Give plants a long, deep drink of water. Give all of your permanent plants a deep soak before everything freezes solid. ...
  2. Surround plants with a warm blanket of mulch. ...
  3. Apply a protective coat, like Wilt Stop, to keep plants from drying out.

How do you winterize shrubs and plants?

Water shrubs throughout the fall and up until the ground freezes. Spread 4 inches of bark mulch or ground-up leaves around base of shrub to insulate the ground. Create a wind barrier by driving wooden stakes into ground around the shrub, then wrapping burlap around the stakes; staple burlap to the stakes.

When should shrubs be wrapped for winter?

Once the plant is well established it is less sensitive to sun and drying. So if you plant such evergreens it is a good idea to wrap them, in winter, for 3 years.

How to choose the best winterizing shrubs for your home?

You can select plants that are hardier than your area (i.e., have a lower number for their hardiness zone) but not those that are less hardy (i.e., have a higher number). For example, if you live in zone 5, you can count on plants hardy to zones 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 surviving your winters, but not those only hardy in zone 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.

What can I put on my plants to winterize them?

Even carton/cardboard from a delivery box can be filled with wood chips. Gather the branches of the shrub to tie them into a ball, and wrap the entire plant from stump to tip with straw, hay or leaves. Bring the sac down to engulf the plant, or wrap the plant with the roll of winterizing fleece cut to size.”

When to cut back winterizing shrubs and trees?

Winterizing Shrubs. Knock Out rose (and all landscape roses) should also be pruned in early spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge. You can prune severely or lightly, depending on the age and vigor of the plant. Just be sure to cut back to big, healthy buds - small buds produce small growth.

Do you have to water your shrubs in the winter?

Water – don’t let your plants go to bed thirsty. Most climates get enough rain in autumn that watering late in the season isn’t necessary, but if precipitation is scarce, a good watering before the ground freezes isn’t a bad idea, especially for shrubs and trees planted that same year.

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