How To Use Rocks In Your Landscape Hgtv?


How To Use Rocks In Your Landscape Design

  • Opt For Rock Retaining Walls. One of the easiest ways to incorporate rocks into your landscaping is by using them as…
  • Choose Multiple Rock Colors And Create Patterns. Rocks don’t have to just be an accent to your overall landscape design.
  • Swap Mulch For Rocks. While mulch is a common filler among flower garden beds and around…

Landscape using rocks

Landscaping Rocks Design | Landscaping Picture Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use big rocks in landscaping?

If you already have stones or boulders on your property, you can group them into beds, add a river rock base, and tuck in some plants around them. Flowers mixed in with larger rocks is a beautiful (and easy) combination.

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