How To Use Boxwoods In Landscaping?


Plant boxwood shrubs in locations that receive full or partial sun to facilitate optimum growth. The plants do well in well-drained, organic soils with regular watering during summer to prevent root rot. Boxwood plants need shallow planting, and in a location where they are protected from winter wind to hinder plant stress and winter bronzing.

A Guide to Planting Boxwood

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in front of boxwoods?

Good companion plants with textural contract include thyme, hosta, lady's mantle, lirope, germander, rosemary or sage. Combine boxwood with low-growing shrubs with yellow or dark-colored foliage. This will add both color and texture. If the shrubs flower or produce berries, that creates even more interest.

How to landscape with boxwood shrubs?

Designing With Boxwoods

  1. Accentuate a garden gate. The gate may officially mark the entryway to this garden, but a pair of large boxwoods gives the arrival real presence. ...
  2. Add structure to informal gardens. ...
  3. Edge a garden bed. ...
  4. Make a stately entrance. ...
  5. Soften corners. ...
  6. Plant en masse. ...
  7. Plant a room divider. ...
  8. Dissuade deer.

Where do you put boxwoods?

Most boxwoods thrive in a mix of sun and shade, and need a little shelter from hot afternoon sun and cold winds. So, be aware of exposure for the spot you choose and make sure the variety you select most likely will thrive there. That includes making sure the soil in the area you choose drains well.

Can you put rocks around boxwoods?

Worst Mulches to Avoid Some garden mulches pose hazards to boxwoods. ... Additionally, gravel, stone chips and sawdust may change the soil's pH levels, which could be unhealthy for boxwoods unless you also use soil amendments that counter these pH changes.

What to do with boxwood shrubs in Garden?

Accent your front porch, create a border for your garden, or plant a series of boxwood (or just box) shrubs to grow into a patterned focal point. Boxwood shrubs can provide the perfect foundation for the landscape design of your dreams. What are Boxwood Shrubs?

What kind of boxwood is best in the south?

The round-tipped, glossy, dark green leaves of Japanese Boxwood (B. microphylla japonica) may take on a bronze cast in cold winters when exposed to southwestern sun. It tolerates heat, humidity, and nematodes, making it the best boxwood for the Coastal South, though it does well throughout the South.

How old are The boxwoods in my yard?

Massive boxwoods more than 100 years old act as the backbone to this breathtaking garden, while a geometric boxwood parterre lines the lower terrace. Rows of clipped English boxwoods, protected from hot afternoon sun, soften straight lines in this small front yard garden.

How tall does a Korean boxwood shrub get?

Dwarf Korean boxwood shrubs, also known as “Nana,” grow to a maximum height of 2 feet. These dwarf variety shrubs, which are shaped as small mounds and have shiny leaves, are perfect for edging garden beds. Boxwood shrubs offer lots of options when landscaping your yard.

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