How To Use Bathrooms In Thailand?


Thai people don’t use toilet tissue in the same way others might. Instead, they use water to wash themselves to get clean. Look for a bum gun (toilet hose) or a water bucket. If you are using tissue, do not throw toilet paper in the toilet!

How to use Squat or Hand Sprayer Toilet in Thailand Hotel

How to Use a Toilet in Thailand

How to in Thailand (Use the Toilet)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are toilets called in Thailand?

In Thai, toilet is called hong nam. Another common word in writing, that is often put on toilet signs is sukha.

How do you use a squatter toilet?

0:442:25How to Use an Asian Squat Toilet - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipTry not to swallow you towards the contours. You don't want to go back here. And aim right for whereMoreTry not to swallow you towards the contours. You don't want to go back here. And aim right for where the water is that's the best spot. It's gonna be a little bit tiring on your legs.

Are there public restrooms in Thailand?

The vast majority of public toilets are free but every once in a while you will have to pay a small fee to use a toilet. Usually the fee is around three baht. ... Some restrooms are kept very clean while others are frighteningly dirty.

How do you use bum gun in Thailand?

How To Use The Bum Gun?

  1. While sitting on the toilet. ...
  2. The pressure can vary from the hose to hose. ...
  3. If you are a man, spray down and moving the nozzle around. ...
  4. If you are a woman, spray from front to back. ...
  5. Stop washing and put the hose back. ...
  6. That's it, all done.

What's the best way to use a toilet in Thailand?

Simply fill the bucket and pour it into the toilet – the force of the incoming water will push whatever is in the toilet down into the pipe. You will need to pour water in at least 3 times. As a bonus, the water bucket or bowl is very handy if there’s been an accident and you need to wash the floor, toilet, yourself or your child clean.

Is there toilet paper in bathrooms in Thailand?

When I lived in Thailand my apartment bathroom had a curious hose next to the toilet, as most bathrooms in Thailand do. The Thais much like the Chinese don’t have toilet paper anywhere. But the Thais have this problem cased.

How do you flush a squat toilet in Thailand?

– Few squat toilets are equipped with flush valves, so you’ll usually have to manually flush the toilet. This is where the bowl and the water come into play. Use the bowl to scoop up some water. Then aim at the hole in the toilet bowl and pour water into it to flush.

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