How To Update A Tutor Style Home Exterior?

An Updated Tudor Style Home in Scarsdale

Modern Tudor Exterior


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Tudor more modern?

Walls. The dark wood paneling on the walls of many Tudor homes can be one of the hardest aspects to live with, yet the easiest things to update. With a coat of golden yellow, sage green, soft blue or milky cream paint, you can make each space lighter, brighter and more appealing, while giving a nod to the era's palette ...

How do you decorate a Tudor style house?

The design is Tudor and should be stone or tile. When decorating a home in in this style, use heavy, ornate wood furniture such as trestle tables, benches, heavy chests and carved four-poster beds. When furnishing your Tudor home, look for sofas will bullion fringed skirts and also tufted furniture.

Can you put siding on a Tudor house?

What are the Best Siding Options for a Tudor? Tudor-style homes were historically built with traditional wood siding and trim. However, real wood requires significant maintenance and is susceptible to rotting, warping and more. To mimic the look of real wood with advanced durability, consider engineered wood siding.

How to remodel an exterior Tudor style house?

Redesigning the roof line is expensive. Instead, use barrel tiling or shingles in a rust tone to move away from Tudor and into a Mediterranean or chalet-style. Keep the exterior facing light in color to complement the roof. Enjoy Low Rates and Step-By-Step Guidance.

What kind of landscaping does a Tudor house have?

English Tudor landscaping is definitive. Topiary, hedging, roses and colorful flowers are found within a dry-stacked stone wall in many Tudor homes. Move away from the “English garden” feel and open up the lawn by removing the wall, if there is one, or painting the stonework a light color to match the house.

What's the best colour to paint a Tudor house?

There was no green at all in the orange-beige brick and stone to relate to this colour. I chose a neutral green grey to create more contrast with the stone and brick and a new trim colour in a slightly lighter shade with a purple undertone for ALL THE TRIM – giving the entire Tudor style exterior a fresh update .

What are the features of a Tudor Revival home?

The renovated home, including the master suite addition, features cypress shakes and half-timbering – common features of Tudor Revival structures. Like many older homes, the front door used to open right into the living room, leaving no separation from the entryway to the seating area.

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