How To Take Great Landscape Pictures With A Crop Sensor?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do professional photography with a crop sensor?

As a professional photographer who also reviews photography equipment for a living, I've had the privilege of shooting with just about every camera commercially available. The fact is, professional results are absolutely achievable regardless of your camera's sensor size.

Is crop sensor good for photography?

For example, it can be very effective for telephoto photography due to the extra reach gained from the crop sensor multiplier. As a result, this can prove to be very beneficial for photography where you would need to get an up-close look of what you are shooting, such as sports and wildlife photography.

What's the difference between full frame and crop sensor cameras?

So, you can see that an 18mm focal length lens on a full frame camera captures a lot wider field of view than does an 18mm lens on a crop sensor body. Once again using roughly a 35mm focal length produced very different images with the different cameras, as seen above.

How big of a focal length do you need for crop camera?

When using a crop camera like this Fujifilm X-Pro 2 you need a 10mm focal length if you wish the same viewing angle as a 15mm on a full frame. Due to that shorter focal length you will have a larger depth of field when aperture and distance to the subject is the same.

Which is better canon or Nikon crop sensor?

On a crop sensor camera, a 24-70mm lens will act like a 36-105mm lens on a Canon camera and 38-112mm on a Nikon camera. That means you get a little more reach on the telephoto end, which as noted above, gives you more compression for flattering facial features.

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