How To Spice Up An Ugly Apratment Bathroom?


The problem: That bathtub is just gross.

  1. Option 1: Clean up that grout!
  2. Option 2: Cover that tub with a pretty shower curtain.
  3. Option 1: Cover that floor up entirely.
  4. Option 2: Cover the floor up (mostly) with a pretty rug.
  5. Solution 1: Paint.
  6. Solution 2: Embrace art.
  7. Option 1: Replace the faucet and/or hardware.


Dirty grout and caulking make the nicest bathrooms look unappealing, so freshening up these background details can result in a significant overall improvement. Replace outlet and switch plate covers. Update caulk around sinks, toilets and tubs for a clean look. Give tile grout a good scrub with bleach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update my old apartment bathroom?

7 Ways to Update a Rental Bathroom

  1. Paint the walls and/or the ceiling.
  2. Get creative with peel-and-stick wallpaper.
  3. Have fun with your shower curtain.
  4. Embrace the retro.
  5. Change out the lighting and hardware.
  6. Consider temporary flooring.
  7. Switch out your shower head.

How do you cover up an ugly bathroom?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Paint them with waterproof paint, such as epoxy.
  2. Cover them with a shower curtain liner.
  3. Install a shower liner or surround kit.
  4. Apply wall stickers that can be used in a high-humidity environment.
  5. Attach beadboard panels painted with waterproof paint.

How can I make my ugly apartment look good?

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What's the best way to spruce up an old bathroom?

White towels help keep things calm and bring the wall color into the tile field. 6. Work with it, on a smaller scale. In vintage bathrooms the electrical outlets tend to be mounted above the tile, making them more prominent than you might prefer. If you paint the walls, paint the outlet covers to match.

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