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Frequently Asked Questions

Can LED lights be soft?

Incandescent bulbs are a traditional choice for warm/soft light, but some great LED bulbs come pretty close to the ambiance that incandescent lighting provides. In fact, LEDs can produce soft white and daylight color temperatures (and are more efficient and long-lasting, too).

How do I make my LED lights less bright?

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How do you fix dim LED lights?

A simple fix to a common problem of dim LED lights included in ceiling fan fixtures is as follows: Using the remote switch, simply press and hold the light button down on your remote. The light will start to get brighter!

Why are my LED lights crackling?

LED bulbs have circuits at the base of the bulb. ... This is because, in cheap LED bulbs, the voltage may not be completely turned off even when the dimmer is dialed down to zero. So physically, the dimmer is still on, providing ever little voltage but not enough, and this results in a clicking noise.

How many Watts Does a 60 watt light bulb use?

For example, a standard 60-watt light bulb produces around 800 lumens of light. In comparison, a CFL light bulb that also produces 800 lumens only uses 15 watts to power it.

What's the best wattage for a light fixture?

With this range of wattages, you'll still want to avoid mounting the lights directly adjacent to any home windows to avoid unpleasant nighttime glare. Using low wattage bulbs up to 40 watts can reduce your energy consumption, minimize light pollution and target those areas you most want illuminated.

How many watts do you need for LED lights in a room?

Make sure you plan led downlight spacing according to suggested lighting layout. 2409 Lumens OR 18 Watts are required to illuminate your Bedroom of Area 144 Foot² (sq.ft) (Check different LED lighting options for your room below)

What should the wattage of a street light be?

Roadway lighting may have a wattage of up to 400 watts. Such lighting is suspended high above the ground, features an opaque "night sky shield" cap and provides lighting for a broad area. For yards or gardens, the maximum recommended wattage is around 80 watts.

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