How To Setup A Landscape And Portrait Double Monitor Wallpaper?

How to extend wallpapers on multiple screens.

Setup Dual Monitors Different Wallpaper in Windows 10 (It’s Simple)

Dual Monitor Wallpaper TUTORIAL | EASY & No Extra Software

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That said, the Settings app still allows you to use different images for multiple displays. To learn how to set up the wallpaper for dual-screen PCs, follow the instructions below: Go to your taskbar, then click the Windows icon. Click the gear icon to open the Settings app.

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Just like /r/wallpapers except for a dual monitor set up. Post your wallpapers here for dual monitor displays. I guess you can post triple monitor wallpapers as well, or whatever number of monitor wallpapers you want. Reddit Inc © 2021.

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How to Change the Background on My Dual Screen 1 Go to your taskbar, then click the Windows icon. 2 Click the gear icon to open the Settings app. 3 Select Personalization, then click Background from the left-pane menu. 4 Now, select an image from the Choose Your Picture section. You can also click Browse to locate the photo you like. See More….

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With Windows 10, it’s also very easy to rope in different wallpapers for your multi-monitor setup. All you have to do is go to the Display Settings, select a wallpaper and a right click on it to set. 7.

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