How To Replace Exterior Door Weatherstripping?


Measure the horizontal jamb distance, then cut the new weatherstripping to size. Cut the vinyl part with a utility knife, then cut the metal flange with a hacksaw, says Ron Hazelton. Place the Weatherstripping in the Jamb Close the door, then place the new weatherstripping in the jamb, with the vinyl seal against the door.

How to Install Weather Stripping around an Exterior Door

How to replace exterior door weather stripping. Easy. Home Mender

How to replace door weather strip

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove and replace weatherstripping on a door?

Remove the Weatherstripping Open the door and grasp the weatherstripping with your fingers. Pull firmly to dislodge the weatherstripping's flange from the groove cut into the door jamb. Remove the weatherstripping. Do this for the upper jamb as well as both vertical jambs.

What's the best way to weather strip a door?

Do It Right, Do It Yourself! Cut the foam part of the door weather stripping with a sharp scissors. Then cut the wood flange with a hacksaw or other fine-tooth saw. Tap 1-1/2 in. nails into the wood flange and position the weatherstripping so the entire length of the foam seals against the door.

How long does it take to weatherstrip a front door?

Because these screws tend to be small and not self-tapping, it’s best to predrill holes for them by means of an electric drill/driver. Position the sweep so that it seals tightly against the threshold. From start to finish, the door weatherstripping process should take no longer than an hour.

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