How To Reface Brick Exterior?


DIY – How to Refinish / Resurface Exposed Brick in Your Home

  • Tools Needed. The tools used for refinishing or resurfacing brick can be found at any home improvement store. Basic…
  • Clean the Brick. Brick that looks dirty can easily be refinished by simple cleaning. White crystals that form on the…
  • Stripping. Old paint that shows signs of peeling and cracking can be…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reface brick?

The easiest way to resurface brick is to use Portland cement-based paint, latex paint or stain or a silicone sealant. ... A paint brush or a paint sprayer can then be used to apply paint to any exposed brick. You can apply a brown and red colored paint to create the look of new bricks.

How much does it cost to reface brick?

Refacing: $9-$28 per square foot for brick. The process of covering up your existing siding with another veneer.

What happens to the exterior of brick when it is refaced?

But after being exposed to the elements over time, exterior brick begins to look worn and faded. The sealer on the brick surface becomes discoloured and yellow, and the yellow in turn makes the brick look dirty and dingy. You can reface your brick and give it new life with a good cleaning and resurfacing.

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